38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is my report normal..wat are the chances for normal delivery..my height is 5'4 weight is 82.7 What is the meaning of cervical length 3.2s and internal os closed means??? Baby Position-cephalic(head down) Baby weight 3kg Fluid level - adequate No loops around baby neck

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Answer: Every thing in your report is perfectly normal, baby's head should be down weight is good, fluid is also good plus no complication, height and weight is normal according to 38 weeks pregnant, cervical lenght is 3.2..it will take time to come to 0.. and internal os closed means your uterus opening is closed now.. don't worry dear its all good you may have your baby at 40th week by the time cervical lenght will become less slowly, uterus opening which is internal os will open just after delivery or may b few days before. Congratulations you are on ur perfect pregnancy journey. Do walk as much as you can, eat dates with milk plue honey in it, eat 2 eggs everyday boiled, do sweeping and mopping by sitting. You will have a normal delivery
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    Thanks slot dear ,🤗

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Question: Cervical internal OS is closed means..Cervical length adequate measuring 3.6 means..liquor amni adequate means
Answer: Opening of Uterus connects to vagina through cervix. Cervical internal is is the upper part of cervix which opens in uterus. At 34 week it should be closed only. Once you are near the labor pain it starts opening. Cervical length is the length of your cervix or you can say lower end of your uterus which is perfectly fine at 34 week Your baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid. There should be adequate amount of fluid around your baby to protect the baby from bumps and potential injury. Your reports are totally fine. Enjoy your pregnancy dear. Hope it helps you to understand your reports.
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Question: cervical length is 4.0 and internal os is closed means ?
Answer: At 24 weeks gestation, the average cervical length is 3.5 cm. so your is 4 it near about average so normal no need to worry.... Internal OS is the upper end of the cervix that opens into the uterus.Your cervix should stay closed, safely sealed with a mucus plug, throughout pregnancy and until your baby is due to be born. The scan will check for signs of your cervix opening too soon, before your baby is due. so your is closed so it's normal... Everything is alright and normal...
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Question: Cervical length is 23mm. Internal os closed, wts the meaning of this?
Answer: cervical length is the distance from the vagina in words this is less should be at least 35 mm close means that cervix is still closed
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