11 months old baby

Question: Is manna brand banana powder porridge safe for baby..? My baby is 11 month old..

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Question: Is manna brand banana powder porridge good for my 11 month old baby
Answer: yes nendran banana powder by the brand Manna is actually good . Im using it for my baby since 7 months . nendran banana powder is very healthy to be given as a starting food for baby . initially give him a very little quantity the first day . use a little ghee and you can also add a teaspoon of honey to the porridge initially for the first 2 days . because your baby may not pass stools too often as this new food is introduced . you can then replace Honey after two or three days with Palm sugar or jaggery or any sweetner or without sweetner or salt as your baby wish . as your baby is 11 months old , you would have started giving him mashed banana...so on the other hand you could also try to give him fully ripe and dark black natural nendran banana .. you can give him if he likes . make sure the banana is fully ripened it is easily mashable with your hands or blender . as nendran Banana is quite hard you need to make sure that it is fully ripened .. by the way mannas banana powder is good actually I am satisfied using it
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Question: Which brand baby powder and baby soap is good for 8 month old baby
Answer: Himalayan .. natural and better than Johnson etc brand
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Question: Hello my baby is one month old which brand is good for baby powder and shampoo...
Answer: I personally use sebamed and they are satisfactory
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