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Question: Is laparoscopy expensive?

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Answer: Yeah,lil ,around 20 to 25k
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Question: Laparoscopy
Answer: Laparoscopy, also known as diagnostic laparoscopy, is a surgical diagnostic procedure used to examine the organs inside the abdomen. It’s a low-risk, minimally invasive procedure that requires only small incisions. Laparoscopy uses an instrument called a laparoscope to look at the abdominal organs. A laparoscope is a long, thin tube with a high-intensity light and a high-resolution camera at the front. The instrument is inserted through an incision in the abdominal wall. As it moves along, the camera sends images to a video monitor. Laparoscopy allows your doctor to see inside your body in real time, without open surgery. Your doctor also can obtain biopsy samples during this procedure
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Question: What is the laparoscopy
Answer: Laproscopy suggests ‘Laparo’ means abdomen ‘scopy’ means vision.Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure. The surgeon, through a small ‘hole’ in the abdomen, uses a suitable instrument (laparoscope) to visualizes directly the organs of the pelvis and the abdomen and collects useful information.The magnified (up to 20 times larger) vision of the interior parts through the small incision (5-10mm) is quite different from the traditional open surgery.
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Question: Is laparoscopy expnsive?
Answer: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, considered the standard surgical procedure in treating gallbladder diseases, is cheaper than open cholecystectomy. Laparoscopicappendectomy and sigmoidectomy are safe methods of minimally invasive surgery which are only slightly moreexpensive than open operations
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