22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is jeggary is safe for prediabetes pregnant women.

3 Answers
Answer: Its better to take jaggery instead of white suger...but still if you are prediabetes than avoid sweetened things and check your bsl every 1 2 weeks
Answer: First thing is jeggary is safe y because this gives calcium from bones to baby and ours not take heavy
Answer: Yes. Jaggery intake is good for prediabetes
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Answer: Hello dear.. Yes,it is safe,you can drink mother's Horlicks,it contains DHA and choline which helps in brain development of baby,and it also contain vitamin B1,B2,B6,B12,iron and selenium,which helps in increasing of breast milk in lactating mothers
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Question: Jonna roti is safe for pregnant women
Answer: Yes, it's completely safe..Infact it's more healthy.. So go ahead..
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Answer: Yes. Avoid cheese flavour as it contributes to weight gain.
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