22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is jeggari is safe for pre diabetes pregnant women.

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Answer: Hello,  it is not advisable for diabetics to consume jaggery. if you're perfectly healthy and have no blood sugar problems, then you may use jaggery as an alternative to white sugar. But if you have diabetes, then you must stay away from jaggery altogether. Hope this helps.
Answer: It is better to avoid jaggery if you are prediabetic.
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Question: Is maggic safe for pregnant women
Answer: Hi. Try to avoid all processed food stuffs as for as possible as they have high levels of salt, sugar and preservatives. Having them once in a while wouldn't be a problem. But try having fresh and locally available food stuffs more often! Maggie is made of maida which can be hard to digest sometimes.
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Question: Susten 200 is safe for pregnant women?
Answer: Hi, Susten is a progesterone supplement and is quite commonly prescribed during first trimester to avoid miscarriage due to lack of progesterone in the body.. Its better to take it vaginally as the body will be able to absorb more of it.Susten 200 is a very good medicine which can save pregnancy. Actually, during the first trimester the level of progesterone hormone continues to decrease while estrogen started to increase. If the level of progesterone drops below a certain level, there becomes high possibility of miscarriage. Bleeding and spotting during the first trimester shows the same thing. Susten 200 helps to make the level of progesterone to the optimum level and in majority of cases save pregnancy.
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Question: what is pre diabetes
Answer: Hello! Pre diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar is high, but not high enough to be type 2 diabetes.
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