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Question: Is ivf very painful prrocedure?

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Question: Ivf producere is painful or not... Plz rply dictor
Answer: Hello dear. The most potentially painful part of undergoing IVF is the procedure to implant the fertilized eggs back into the uterus. Done a few days after egg retrieval, this feels like a smear test; not pleasant by any means, but nothing to be scared of. We women have all the strength to go through it. It is way less then labor pains. So please do not be worried. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is iron injection through ivf is painful
Answer: Hi,it is not painful but doctor will have to monitor The other factors because sometimes taking this iron injection causes shivering so to monitor doctor will be there there is nothing to worry when I had taken this iron injection to IV.if your iron levels are low you will have to take this injections in order to maintain the hemoglobin levels
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Question: What is ivf treatment??explain it painful treatment
Answer: Hi...yes it is painful and u need to take bed rest for 3 months. After that u can walk little bit not very fast. Doctor will suggest you to do work or need to be in rest. Y ur going to ivf treatment, just try naturally.
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