39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it white discharge is d sign of labour. ?

2 Answers
Answer: Normal white discharge will happen to see but the discharge is heavy and you are unable to control or it is happening without knowing then it might be the AFI which is leaking. Use a sanitary napkin if it gets wet within 20min then its AFI and you need to rush to your doctor
Answer: Sometimes white with little red or brown discharge will happen. It may be sign of labor
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Question: I m 39 weeks pregnant white discharge is a sign of labour or it happens
Answer: Dear white discharge is not a symptom of labour.if you have any severe back pain, abdominal tighetening and water leakage from vagina, blood discharge from vagina take it as symptoms of labour.if you have any one of these please visit doctor as early as possible.
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Question: I have white discharge today is a sign of labour?
Answer: Only white discharge is not a symptom of delivery if u experience any bleeding or abdominal cramps or vaginal pain, urge to urinate and poop, water broke this are some symptoms of labour
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Question: I am having white discharge and vomiting sensation since yesterday..is it sign of labour?
Answer: Hi sis. Yes it does looks like the labor sign. Please consult your gynecologist immediately. Take care.
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