9 months old baby

Question: Is it safe to use walker for babies.does it affect the legs alignment. .and for how long 9 month baby can be kept I walker.

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Answer: Hello dear. Baby walkers may cause delays in a child's ability to walk, crawl and balance, studies have proved that babies who use a walker may actually learn to walk about a month later than those who don't. Also it's prone to serious injuries and accidents. Usually walkers are not recommended. In case you want to start with the walker you can use it by 7th month. Take care.
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Question: can I use walker for my baby is it safe?
Answer: Hii with my personal view and testimony I would advise u to not to use Walker. It never gives positive support. I don't think it helps baby makes walk early. And if it do still we shouldn't hurry baby to walk. Anything happens early than natural time is always baby for ur baby. Let baby learn how to walk himself. Walker will spoil the way style of walking to baby. It also raise he chance of meeting any accident . Let baby learn all the milestone themself. If u want to help baby to walk then take him to park.let him play in grass with their own same group babies , give them food containing gcalcoum and iron. Or u can ask for supplement. But avoid giving Walker. I sincerely hope u find my advise helpful. Feel free to ask more query.all the best.
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Question: How long can mothers milk be kept in the refrigerator after pumping it??and how long can it be kept outside?
Answer: Hi You should have to kept breastmilk in refrigerator for 4_5 days ..and at our side 4-6 hours ok..but when the duration of time increases then the taste of the milk will change its not having the taste like fresh breast milk ok
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Question: Can i use walker for my 6 month and 22 days old baby ..is it safe
Answer: Hi,baby walkers may cause delay in the child's ability to walk.studies have said that baby who uses walker may actually learn to walk a month lat, than those who dont.Usually it is not recommended.
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