16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to use tincture on wounds (cuts) in pregnancy?

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Question: My baby has some wounds on his head. What do i use to cure her wounds??
Answer: Hi dear what kind of wounds are this. Any head wound or injury needs to be catered to very cautiously . You csn apply ointment if its some minor wound like over the counter creams but if its anything else better to show to doctor
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Question: Hi m using hydrocortisone cream on face...is it safe??? Is it safe to use in pregnancy
Answer: Dear it's kind of a steroid so please ask your doctor about it because knowing your pregnancy history only doctor can advise you well.. so please consult with a doctor and then use it..
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Question: What to apply for cuts and wounds , and specifically on face for 1 year old baby
Answer: Hi.. Dear please consult a pediatrician once.. Do not give any medicine or apply any ointment without discussing it with a pediatrician..
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