1 months old baby

Question: Is it safe to use diaper 24hours

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Answer: Hi dear... diaper is a choice that you make dear... however it is safe to use diaper all day long as long as you change the diaper every 3-4hours...this will ensure that your baby doesn't develop diaper rashes..
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Question: Is it safe to use diaper
Answer: Hi dear surely u can start with extra small size if that is fine. Also do make sure to apply diaper rash before making baby wear the same. Do keep baby without diaper also for few hours and massage baby with coconut oil in that area . Make sure to keeps on changing the diaper after every 3 to 4 hours and change it immediately if baby do poop. Use very good quality of diaper to avoid any rashes as baby skin is 5 times thinner than us.
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Question: using diaper for 24hours, is it safe for baby
Answer: yes Absolutely .. I used till 10 months 24 hours. just maintain proper hygiene ..like clean the genital area after every change, apply coconut oil on diaper area, keep the baby free for 15:20 min before putting next diaper and change diaper frequently like in 4-5 hours or early if full.
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Question: Can i use diaper 24hours?
Answer: If needed then yes you can use diaper for 24 hours but it's always better to use only for night time for good sleep of your baby rest of the time you can manage it without diaper as well. If you are using diapers of the day then apply anti diaper rash cream never any Rash on your baby.
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