33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to take zifi 200?

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Question: Is it safe to take Susten 200
Answer: hi dear! susten is a progesterone sustained release tablet. so this tablet contains progesterone which is a hormone that is normally present in females it generally helps to maintain the pregnancy and thus prevents any chances of miscarriages. take care dear! but it should not be taken in later part of pregnancy (later part of 2nd trimester and the 3rd trimester). otherwise it is safe. but the best advice is you should never start or stop any medications before consulting the doctor. take care dear ! i hope this information was useful to you !
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Question: Zifi 200 is safe during pregnancy
Answer: If the medication is been prescribed by a doctor then please let me know for what infection the medication is been prescribed to you are you having a urine infection on skin infection you must detail that in your question zifi 200 is related with side effect suggest diarrhoea dizziness and headache but it is important to take the medication if the benefits outweigh the risk do not worry follow your doctor's instructions if it is given for an infection
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Question: Dr said to take susten sr 200 mg is it safe to take?
Answer: Yes this is a project on that is a female hormone which is necessary during the pregnancy.it is the Pregnancy supporting medicine and helps in preventing the bleeding and maintaining the pregnancy
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