25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to have smoothening done during pregnancy???

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Answer: Smoothening needs lot of chemicals and heat ..So I think it's better to wait till after delivery .
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Question: Is smoothening hair treatment safe during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi, dear don't get any chemical treatment during pregnancy. It's not safe at all because chemicals can react easily during pregnancy and a cause complications. So it's better to avoid it till delivery..
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Question: Is it safe to get rebonding or smoothening done during 6th month of pregnancy?.please help me out
Answer: Don't go for it ...bcoz they use chemicals during this process....so it's better to avoid such things....3 more months...after delivering a healthy baby u can go for anything u wish.. .so be happy and enjoy this phase....
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Question: Is hair smoothening safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hi. Use of chemical isnt good at all in pregnancy so please avoid such beuty treatment for now. Specially in starting pregnancym
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