23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to get rebonding or smoothening done during 6th month of pregnancy?.please help me out

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Answer: Don't go for it ...bcoz they use chemicals during this process....so it's better to avoid such things....3 more months...after delivering a healthy baby u can go for anything u wish.. .so be happy and enjoy this phase....
Answer: Hi.. No dear avoid it for sometime, rebonding or smoothening involves lot of chemicals, which is not good for you and your baby.. However, hair colour you can get it done..
Answer: try to ignore chemicals usem
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Question: Hello.is rebonding or smoothening safe during 6th mont
Answer: Hi.. No, dear you need to avoid it, as it involves lot of chemicals in it.. Which is Neither good for you nor your baby..
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Question: Hi i got my hair smoothening done in the 6th month of pregnancy is it safe to get this done???
Answer: Hi! Its better not to undergo any chemical treatment but if you have already done it thr is no way to undo it so better dont think much about it and be positive. Good luck!
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Question: Is it safe to do rebonding, Or keratain treatment during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes dear it is safe as it will be in skull and wont impact baby.
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Question: Is it safe to fast during 6th month of pregnancy
Answer: You should avoid if it's not seriously required. But if it is very urgent than you should eat ample if fruits, juice and have milk n yogurt to reach the nutrients required.
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