13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to drive two wheeler in 12th week of pregnancy???

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Answer: You might have dizziness in first trimester so better you seat back. For me doctor suggested not to drive. Also it depends upon road condition and kms you have to drive. Be careful about speed breakers. If you drive then drive slowly.
Answer: It's safe better u take doctor suggestion
Answer: No driving two wheeler is not at all safe
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Question: Is it safe to drive two wheeler in 6 weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear. It is fine to ride a bike during pregnancy, particularly in the first and second trimesters,unless you are careful. However, during the third trimester when your center of gravity shifts and you become a bit more clumsy, riding a bike is probably not a great idea. Take care.
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Question: Is it safe to drive two wheeler in 27 weeks of pregnancy??
Answer: Hello dear there is no doubt that scooty is not much reliable than car. Scooty takes extra efforts to start or break. Mostly doctors suggest to avoid it. But you can consult with your gyne. when you drive scooty never go alone anywhere. Try to avoid in busy roads and always follow traffic rules. Never forget to wear helmet. Follow some familiar roads. You should drive slowly and try to avoid bumpy roads during pregnancy. Driving for long hours is not good. It can be dangerous for your health. Take care
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Question: is it safe to drive two wheeler during pregnancy
Answer: hi dear if you do not have any complications and everything is normal then it is safe for you to drive the two wheeler but you should be very careful and drive safely . take care dear
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