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Question: Is it safe during pregnancy ..duphaston tablet taking is's prescribed by doctor...what it's uses

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Answer: It's for stomach ache. If it's given by doctor then nothing to worry
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Question: is duphaston tablet safe during doctor prescribed it from week also i am taking it
Answer: Yes its very safe and us given to provide extra hormonal support for a safe pregnancy n avoid miscarriage.
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Question: Is it safe to take duphaston tablet during first trimester? My doctor prescribed it..
Answer: Hi, yes it is safe as per the prescribed dosage by the doctor. There is nothing to worry . It helps in the growth of the baby and also prevents from miscarriages.
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Question: Strone 100 tablet goven by doctor is it safe during 12 week pregnancy what's the uses
Answer: This is a progesterone that is female hormone. It works on the lining of the uterus and helps to maintain pregnancy and prevent the bleeding. Take care
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