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Question: Is it recommended to take pregnancy test only on first urine? Can we take a test on any part of the day? What needs to be taken care while taking the test?

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Answer: Test should be done with first fresh urine only and should be done empty stomach, even without drinking water otherwise it ca lower down your HCG level. Good luck dear.
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Question: What are the veggies needs to be taken and not to take in first trimester. Can i have egg chicken?
Answer: Take spinach and green vegetables (lady's finger, beans) and reduce intake of veggies that grows under the soil (like potato). Donot take chicken, it will heat ur body temperature. It is good to eat egg daily or atleast 3-4 days in a week. Drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruit especially pomogranate, guava, orange.. Hope it helps you
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Question: Can you please suggest what care needs to be taken for Hypoparathyrpidism condition during pregnancy.
Answer: Hi dear, Thyroid is an important gland for overall function of our body.during pregnancy it's requirements increases.usually the normal level is 0.4 - 5.5, but pregnant mothers should maintain it below 3. However the new recommendations for tsh levels in pregnancy are the following: First trimester: less than 2.5 Second trimester: 0.2-3.0 Third trimester: 0.3-3.0. Dosage often requires fine-tuning, so continue to check TSH every 4 weeks during the first half of pregnancy.
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Question: Is it ok to take pregnancy test anytime in a day or should take morning first urine only? And should it take only after missed period or we can take it before also?
Answer: Yes u can take anytime after 15 days of ur missed periods u can take the test
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