16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it really necessary to have iron, calcium, folic. Acid tablets regularly, will they really help to baby growth

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Answer: Hi dear Yes it is important to tale iron calcium and folic acid tablets.They play an important role in ur baby's growth.Folic acid helps in improving brain development where as calcium helps in preventing lowbone density in women as well as developing strong bones for baby. Iron helps in carrying oxygen for baby as well as for mother.
Answer: Yes its good for you and your baby development ... Take these medicine regularly dear
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Question: Hello..my dr recommend only folic acid tablets..is it necessary to take calcium and iron tablets??
Answer: In later weeks dr will prescribe iron amd calcium tablets. Initial stage only folic acid tablet is given.
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Question: My doctor has never prescribed folic acid to me ..only iron tablets i.e. Autrin n calcium ..but i heard that folic acid is necessary ..
Answer: Oh my god..folic acid is such an important thing dear..your doctor should have given you dear..else baby could have spina bifida issues..
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Question: Hello my doc given me folic acid and susten tablet with metformin but no iron or calcium tablets is it necessary to take calcium tablets
Answer: Calcium and iron doctor will prescribe since 2nd trimester according to normal protocol
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