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Question: Is it okey to be pregnet at 36 years old

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Answer: Hi dear, It is ok as long as you are healthy and the problem here is,as you age the quality of eggs decreases,there by rising your chances of miscarriages more .also the chances of baby to be born with chromosomal abnormality also rises.but this doesnot mean you cannot have a healthy pregnancy.ita just a word of caution.keep yourself healthy by taking well balanced diet.and exercise regularly to keep your reproductive organs active.
Answer: Hello dear! As long as you are healthy and have the will power to go through the pregnancy, you can get pregnant at any age. Pregnancy at such age might require extra care and constant monitoring. Apart from that there is nothing holding anyone back from getting pregnant after 35. All the beat.
Answer: Hi dear yes it is quite complicated but if u have proper health and doctor check up is fine then u can surely plan ur pregnancy dear. Make sure to go for proper body check up first.
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