16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it not good to have Khatta mango or NIMBU(lemon) during pregnancy?

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Answer: Hello! Nimbu is no doubt very good during pregnancy, having it in moderation is not a problem. It is rich in vitamin c and is good. Khatta mango can be taken in moderation but occasionally not on regular basis. Take care
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    Binny Gaurav835 days ago


Answer: Its not bad..but also not good enough...isse body me specially per me sujan aa sakti he
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Question: Is it good to have cucumber and mango during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi Eating mango in pregnancy has advantages, which are rich in Vitamin A, B6 and C, mangoes provide the essential nutrients you would need during pregnancy, There is no proof that mangoes increase heat and cause harm to the baby.do not exceed eating beyond one mango per day.mangoes every day that increases the red blood cell count to fight anemia.Mango contains folic acid which helps in fetal development during pregnancy.Mango has a high level of dietary fiber that is necessary to keep the digestive system in good condition.you can eat cucumber.also ok
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Question: Is it good to eat green mango during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello! Green mango can be taken in moderation. Avoid having too much as it can upset your stomach or cause acidity. Take care
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Question: Sucking lemon to control nausea is it good or bad .. safe during first term or not..
Answer: Hi it is not soo bad u can use lemon instead of sucking make a lemon juice and try happy to help u thank u
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