10 months old baby

Question: Is it necessary to given calcium supplement to babies while teething..

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Answer: Hi dear calcium supplement is given any way to the babies since they are born till at least 12 months of age but I have not heard offering calcium supplement just because of teething it does not really help didi is a very normal and natural process and it is painful but it's a face and it is better to let it happen naturally.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is gripe water necessary while there is sign of teething in babies?
Answer: I never gave it to my baby as my doctor said it has chemical which can affect baby digestion dear. So better avoid. Giving burp will be enough to keep baby digestion good.
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Question: It is necessary to take iron and calcium supplement during last month of pregnancy??
Answer: Yes and even it is necessary to take calcium till you breast feed your baby otherwise you may become weak I mean your haemoglobin may decrease and your bones may become weak so have it
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Question: Is it necessary to take calcium tablets while breastfeeding.
Answer: No its not necessary... Calcium tablets should be taken for 6 months after delivery
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