34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it necessary to do household work or taking rest is important at this stage as my husband is fear of surgical delivery so he is not letting me to take rest.

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Answer: It totally deponds on you and your baby's condition. My doctor advised me to do household things so that i can have easy delivery. But same doctor asked my friend to take rest since her baby's placenta is low lying. So please ask your doctor to advise you
Answer: U can do household works but be careful.... At the same time rest s also important... Atleast for some time after work u take rest
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Question: at this stage of pregnancy....can i intimate with my husband ? is this harmful or not ?
Answer: it's not harmful. if your pregnancy is normal and you don't have any complication then you can definitely have sex now . Make sure there is now weight or pressure on your tummy. Also if you feel uncomfortable in between then stop your partner immediately
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Question: Can I do household work during 5th month? Or Need to take complete rest
Answer: Good morning dear.. Hope you enjoying your pregnancy... There is no problem in doing house hold work as long you don't bend or lift weights... Also avoid standing for longer duration and take rest in between... Hope this helps.
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Question: is bed rest important in first month of pregnancy? or i can continue my household work?
Answer: U can continue... but take rest.. zyada bhari bharkam saman mat uthao, steps v jyada mat chadho.
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