2 months old baby

Question: Is it mandatory that baby should get fever in the first vaccine if she has not got is it any problem or like she has no immunity power

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Answer: Hello, breastfeeding may protect babies from post-vaccine fevers, breast and bottle-fed babies are known to respond differently to vaccines and to illness, so nothing to worry about not all the kids do get fever ....my daughter also did not get fever after her vaccination. So chill ....happy parenting.
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Question: Is it mandatory that after giving vaccination to baby fever will occur if not then??
Answer: No.. Now a days we get painless injection for vaccinations that doesn't cause fever.. So even if child gets fever it may lasts not more than 24 hrs.. U can still connect your paediatrician regarding regular and painless vaccinations.. Take care
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Question: Hi, my baby is now 4 months and it seem that her head is warm but she has no fever. Why is she like that? i am worried.
Answer: Dont worry about the warm head, most babies have it and its harmless, just a way of regulating their body temerature. Plz confirm are u giving calcium syrup to baby because sometime this is the symptom of calcium deficiency
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Question: I m 4 and half months prgnnt for the first time.. I heard from other moms that they got tetnus vaccine but my Dr. Haven't gave me any tetnus vaccine. In future whether i'll get any problem or not??
Answer: Hi,please consult and discuss bthis with your Dr as you can take try inj in your third trimester also.it helps to protect the baby from the whooping cough
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