Planning for pregnancy

Question: Is it important to check blood group before planning pregnancy?

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Answer: Yes it's a necessity
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Question: Hello, is it important to do Various tests(blood test, thyroid test and other) before conceiving...
Answer: hi dear! so before getting pregnant we have to be sure you have no problem in the body so that treatment can be given to you and there wont be a problem with the baby. if you have thyroid problems then it will for sure affect the ovulation only(release of egg) and therefore if you are trying for long it can be due to the thyroid problem. you might require vitamin d3 and b12 test as well. also a rubella igg just to see if you were vaccinated for it. so do the test as they are very important to plan for any treatment. take care dear.
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Question: My blood group is AB- and my husband blood group is A+ it is any problem for pregnancy and baby
Answer: No. Just keep in mind that you are one of rare blood group and you will have to take lots of care of yourself. If its your first pregnancy nothing to worry, just after delivery your doctor will check babies blood group if its same as yours its good but if its like father you will be given a injection within an hour.
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Question: my blood group is o it good blood group?
Answer: Hi dear, mine is too same . Y do u think it's good or bad?? It's the most common blood group so no worries and also.
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