30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it healthy to unpacket peanut which are sold without cover in the grocery shop?

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Answer: It is unhealthy to eat it just like that dear...as the contamination level is high.. however washing it thoroughly and roasting it before eating will help kill all the bacteria present and make it safe for you to eat during pregnancy..
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Question: Which are the most healthy fruits in first trimester??
Answer: Hi dear All fruits are healthy in its way....in first trimester you can avoid papaya,jack fruit,pineapple as they are heat rich...citrus fruits should not be taken in empty stomach as they produce acids which cause acidity...take more dry fruis and fresh juices..
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Question: Is it ok to show my pregnancy belly without cover to my family members?
Answer: It's ok. It's an old myth that mother should cover her belly. But if you have any fear you better cover so you will feel more relaxed. Moreover weather has changed you should dress properly to not to get cold.
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Question: Which are the healthy food for babies
Answer: Hi! A 7 months old baby needs 1 meal plus 1 snack a day and rest all Breast milk or formula. You can offer variety of food to the baby which is homemade like ang veggies steamed and mashed or any hard fruit steamed and mashed if pulpy can be offered as is apart from it overcooked Rice Daal, Oats porridge, Rawa halwa, Veggies khichdi etc. however only remember to not add salt or sugar to the food as they r not suggested babies below 1 yr. Hope this helps!
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