2 months old baby

Question: Is it good to breastfeeding with mom wet hair? Some body said that it will create cold to baby.is it true?

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Answer: Hi.. Dear it is an old time myth, I was also told the same.. But, it actually doesn't happen, kids get cold by germs and bacteria not because if you feed while your hair is wet.. However, in order to keep our elders sentiments, I use to hair dyer my hair before feeding..
Answer: Yes mother should not breastfeed with wet hair. Always mother shud keep herself dry. If the mother gets cold there wl be quick chances for baby also to get cold. As the mother gives breastfeeding chances wl be more for months baby to get cold.
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Answer: You can use homemade remedy like chickpea flour with raw milk and turmeric. You can even use bread soaked in milk. The best and easy solution is pureonly ubtan you will get it on amazon. I personally recommend it as I used it for my lo and the result is awesome. All the hair in her body vanished. You just have to mixed pureonly ubtan with water, apply the mixture to your Lo's body. Let it dry than gently rub it towards upward direction. At last give her bath.
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