12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it advisable for traveling long distances during 5th month of pregnancy

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Answer: u can travel by taking some precautions like food water etc
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Question: In 5th month can she travel for long distances
Answer: If the pregnancy is smoothe and doctor didnt advise any precaution then a small travel is fine n avoid any long traveling because it's not safe during pregnancy and can cause complications..
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Question: Is it safe to travel long distances by Air or Road during the 5th month of pregnancy...
Answer: Yes absolutely. The second trimester That is 3-6 months is considered the most safest months to travel or fly :)
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Question: Is it safe to travel long distances..in car during pregnancy... As it is my 5th month..??
Answer: This kind of discharge is totally normal during pregnancy....it is not the matter of concern....but if it is brown or red in colour then you should consult ur doctor...
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