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Question: Is it Normal that after ejacultion the sperms will come out of vagina???

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Answer: Hello dear Yes it is normal
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Question: I had started my 4 still my taste of my mouth is not good...after eating I feel of it doesn't come out...
Answer: Dear hope you are doing fine now. Dysgeusia or change in taste during pregnancy is caused by hormones.sometimes it can cause a sour pr metallic taste in your mouth, even if you are not eating anything.nausea and vomitings are very common in pregnancy because of raised beta HCG hormones. Drink plenty of would be better to have bland diet.take care
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Question: Hello , My second quarter is running and I can not drink milk. After drinking milk, it seems that the vomit will come ..plz suggest me
Answer: There are no worries dear.. Instead of milk have curd and paneer regular.. These are as good as the milk and nutritious too.
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Question: After sex next day full sperms will come out hole day y
Answer: Dear after sex keep a pillow under your hips so that sperms can enter your body. Also avoid going washroom for 2 hours
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