19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is homeopath medicine we can take during pregnancy?

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Question: Can we take loose motion medicine during pregnancy?
Answer: No dear.. Try to avoid medicines in pregnancy. Have buttermilk with little ginger and cumin seeds ,it will stop loose motions. U can also have muskmelon juice for couple of days it will cure loose stools. Avoid oily,fried item ,spicy items too. Drink lot of water , include fresh juice too. Apply castor oil on your tummy,it will reduce the heat. Have bland food items like rice porridge,curd rice,bread.Make a habit of drinking cumin water after every meal will help you in digestion..
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Question: Can we take homeopathy medicine during pregnancy... Is it safe
Answer: I am 8weeks 3days pregnant... I went for scan and my fetal heart rate is 199 bpm.. Is it normal in first trimester or there is some issue...
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Question: Can we give homeopath y medicine for gums pain during teething process to 5 and half month old baby
Answer: No . Don't give any medicine without doctor guidance... teething is a natural process every baby knows how to overcome this stage...
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