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Question: Is hemorrhoids common during pregnancy?

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Answer: Hello! Haemorrhoids is more or less common during pregnancy. It happens mainly due to increase in hormone like progesterone, growing uterus, and constipation. All together can cause haemorrhoids. Take care
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    Neha Semwal226 days ago

    Is it cause any difficulties during normal delivery?

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Question: Hemorrhoids is common in pregnancy?what is the remedy of external hemorrhoids? Plz.....tell me
Answer: Hi.. It is common to have Haemorrhoids in pregnancy.Fill the tub with warm water and soak the affected areaAvoid sitting for long periods of time. Sitting puts pressure on the veins in your anus and rectum. Use an over-the counter  remedy. Apply medicated pads to your anal area.
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Question: Is hemorrhoids common during pregnancy? If not then what should be the remedies that we should use?
Answer: Hello! Yes, haemorrhoids is common during pregnancy. Changing levels of hormones like progesterone, growing uterus and constipation is the main reason for it. But still one can avoid it by following few simple things, have plenty of water, eat high fibre food, do not stress for passing stool, go for walk, when ever you feel the need to go to washroom, please visit. Take care
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Question: Is hemorrhoids in pregnancy is common my skin swollen external is it go itself?
Answer: Hello dear... hemorhoid or piles can happen due to swelling of blood vessels near anus,follow these remedies,it might be helpful for you.. have plenty of fruits and vegetables,in your diet,can include veggies soup, poriyal,salad, Drink three litre of water a day,drink muskmelon juice weekly once Start your day with soaked dryfruits,will be great releif You can have ice pack massage on that area,will releive pain Weekly once take oil bath, it will be more effectively Include apples regularly in your diet You can also apply hemarrhoids cream
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Question: How to deal with hemorrhoids during pregnancy.
Answer: Hello dear.. Piles or hemorrhoid during pregnancy, happens due to swelling containing enlarged blood vessels around anus,it may be due to harmones relaxaing the vein, hemorrhoid during pregnancy is common,and it has more chance to cure in pregnancy itself,it can be cured by following these remedies... Fibre rich diet Include more fibre in your diet,which includes whole wheat,cereals,lentils, vegetables and fruits in your diet Stay hydrated It is essential to drink atleast two to three litre of water,can include juice,soups will also give better releif,drink Buttermilk, muskmelon juice twice a week will be greater relief Apple and banana Apple and banana possess numerous benefits in reducing piles,it has dietary fibre,which releives from digestive issues and also promotes good colon health,so make a habit of eating apple and banana regularly Coconut oil Coconut oil is known for its antiinflammatory properties,dip a cotton ball in coconut oil and massage in hemorrhoid,will be more effective Ice pack Icepack massage is known as best hemorrhoid treatment,you can tie four to five ice cube in muslin cloth,and give massage will reduce burning sensation Hemorrhoid cream You can also apply hemorrhoid ointment prescribed by doctor will also be effective
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