12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is gravid uterus scan is a Transvaginal scan?

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Question: Plz explain me about gravid uterus scan
Answer: Hi, it is a sonography of normal uterine anatomy and review sonographic findings in cases of incompetent cervix, premature labor, and uterine
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Question: Is gravid uterus normal
Answer: Hello dear. It is normal and a term referred to the uterus which is carrying baby. Gravid comes from Latin gravis, meaning"heavy." It can refer to a female who is literally pregnant, and it also has the figurative meanings of pregnant. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 19 weeks pregnant. What is gravid uterus scan
Answer: I think it's anomoly scan,gravid is the type of scan what they are doing/using to know about baby
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