13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is good to vomit during pregnancy as the doctor had given me nausea medicine of which i did not vomit at all. Or did es these medicines have any side effects?

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Answer: Take mama protinex with milk.
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Question: i have 8weeks pregnancy...and i feel pukish everytime..doctor has not given me any medicine to stop vomiting...is it good to not take medicine ?
Answer:  Nausea is very tricky at first place it doesn't let you have anything , and then more you stay empty stomach more severe it gets. Start your day with white rasgulla or coconut water. It really helps in easing out nausea. Second eat in small quantity but at regular intervals. Lets say at every 2 hours, this will provide the extra calories needed for your baby’s development and also will keep nausea at bay. Staying hydrated is again a great remedy. After each meal munch on few roasted fennel seeds mixed with mishri. This keeps the mouth taste favourable and doesn't trigger nausea. Kerp yourself occupied because thinking about nausea makes you vomit more. Lastly you can ask your doctor to prescribe you antivomit pills and it will take care of all your worries. Stay blessed!
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Question: Am 8 weeks pregnant.. From the start of my pregnancy I did not have any vomiting, nausea, dizziness at all.. But feels tired all the time and light headed.. Is it normal?
Answer: it is actually fairly common for women to not notice any symptoms of pregnancy in the first weeks or months. Every woman will have a different pregnancy and because of this, not every woman will experience each of the common symptoms like gas, bloating, food cravings, morning sickness, and nausea. In reality, the most common symptom is actually a feeling of increased fatigue and some women won’t even notice this.
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Question: is it normal to HV high bp during pregnancy???? as my Dr has prescribed medicine ...... is there any side effects of medicine ???
Answer: No medicine will not have any side effect and ur bp should be normal during pregnancy...
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