11 months old baby

Question: Is gelatin good for one year old

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Question: Is sugercane good for one year old
Answer: hi dear you can give you baby homemade sugar cane juice but not from the shop. The street sugar cane shops doesn't maintain the hygienity and baby can suffer from infection. sugar is good source of natural sugar and will give you a baby healthy energy boost but of course the homemade one. take care dear.
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Question: Which fish is good for one year old baby
Answer: Hi mam you can give small fishes rather than big one because big fishes hve high cholestrol leevl. Tuna, catfish, salmon , cod,pallock, flat fish. Instead of giving fried one you can give fishes cooked in curry. You can use coconut oil to cook and also can use rock salt instead of sea salt.
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Question: Is fish good for one year baby
Answer: S you can give fish to your baby... But give small amount
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