33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is frequent pooping consider as normal in 32th week of pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear if the poop is normal then nothing to worry as due to baby weight ur bowel will get pressure and u feel to go more to washroom.
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    Shruti Kiran606 days ago

    Thanks a lot :)

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Question: Frequent urination is normal in 17 week of pregnancy
Answer: Hi! Visiting the loo in pregnancy is very common, it can start as early as in first trimester and go till second trimester as well. The frequent loo visit is due to your expanding uterus which puts pressure on your bladder. This pressure remains almost sams till the time baby is delivered. Dont worry this is normal and part of the pregnancy journey. Good luck!
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Question: Is bloating consider as normal in 6 week pregnancy ?
Answer: Yes it is normal during pregnancy. You can experience bloating throughout pregnancy too. Just make sure to eat food that does not give you gas issues
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Question: Whick week is consider as 9months of pregnancy starts?
Answer: Dear 36 week is the first week of 9th month and 40 week is the last week of 9th month..
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