35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is feeling less baby movements in 34th week is normal?

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Question: Feeling less fetal movements...is that normal?
Answer: Yes baby movement reduced by this week of pregnancy as the baby is growing and there is no enough room for the baby to move. You can do a fetal movement count, at least 10 in 2 hours, counted on lying left lateral position is considered normal You still feel less movement then consult your doctor
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Question: Hi am 34th week pregnant my baby movements is less Is it is normal
Answer: Hi. Just drink plenty of water as much you can and lye on bed turning left so baby gets good blood flow and make movement...start observing if you get 10 movements in 2 hours if you get then thats normal if its less movement rhen do consult with doctor..take care
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Question: feeling less movements of baby... is it normal?
Answer: Dear some days baby move less and some days they move a lot. But please make sure that you should feel atleast 10 kicks or movement in 2 hours time. And make sure if the gap if more than 2 hours without any movement you have to consult your doctor. Hope i helped.
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