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Question: Is eating maggie during 8th month safe?

2 Answers
Answer: Hi dear , yes you can have once in a while but don't have it on regular basis ....njoy
Answer: It's safe but include very less amount in your meal. Don't eat often.
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Question: Eating maggie is safe during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi Do not eat any instant packed foods in pregnancy as they are preservative added which is not recommended in pregnancy as it may harm fetus and cause digestion issues....also do take only home prepared foods which are healthy for healthy weight gain of baby
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Question: Is eating Maggie is safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, it's good to have healthy snacks. Maggi noodles have got a kind of wax on it which keeps it from sticking together which takes one day to get digested that's why it's best to avoid. You can have occasionally if you are craving .
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Question: hii eating Maggie is safe during pregnancy
Answer: No as it made of refined flour u should not take it
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