39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is duvadilin retard tab is safe in pregnancy.. Does it delay natural labor.. Please help

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Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely safe.it is usually given to avoid any preterm labor.ia m not sure why you have been continuing it now.as you are already full term.you could get labor pain anytime.unless your baby has any developmental issue,there is not point of continuing it now.
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Question: Tidilar retard is it safe
Answer: Tidilan retard is safe to you use in pregnancy. It helps in good flow of blood and can prevent premature delivery. Continue the medication as given by a doctor.
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Question: My doctor suggested me duvadilin tablet is it safe
Answer: Hi dear, duvadilan is used preventing the contractions smooth muscles in the uterus . this prevents premature leber.it is safe during pregnancy.
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Question: Does pineapple juice help induce labor? Is it safe
Answer: Hi.. Pineapple is a safe, healthy choice during pregnancy. It contains the enzyme bromelain, which is thought to help soften your cervix and bring on labour. One  pineapple  contains a very small amount of bromelain. So, u can eat pineapple but in moderate amount
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