3 months old baby

Question: Is breastfeeding alone sufficient till 6 months. Now my baby is 3 month old and gaining weight normally by breastmilk alone. Do I have to feed water?

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Answer: Hi dear Yeah you can feed baby with water in some intervals of breastfeed..coz as its summer baby may feel thristy and soar throat so feeding some warm water to baby is advisable and till 6 months breastmilk is enough and gud for baby
Answer: S. Breast milk is sufficient till 6mnts. No need to feed anything.Breastmilk contain sufficient water and all for your child.
Answer: Water not required.. breast milk is sufficient till 6 months
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Question: My 8 month old son is not gaining weight as he did till 6 months
Answer: Dear hr baby k weight alg alg hota h..or vo hr baby pr depend krta h..ap wsight ki tension na lo bs bbay active jrur hona chahiy is bat ka dhyan rakho..ap baby ko healthy food do..banana do usse b weight gain hota h..ghee b de skte h bahut thode se start karo..or baby teeth b nikal rha hota h is tim to vse b thoda down ho jata h..ap pani dete rhe...
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Question: Hi my baby is 6 months old and is not gaining weight..it is 6.5kg consistently from 2-3 months.. What to do to increase her weight???
Answer: If you are breastfeeding then breast milk is the best choice up to 1 year  Instead of fatty foods, high calorie energy dense foods increases weight without increasing the bad fat in the baby. Banana can be introduced as Banana Puree then after 8 months it can be given as pancakes, can be mixed in porridge and after a year as banana muffins. Pear can be given as one of the first solid foods of baby and helps in weight gain. Pear is one of the fruit that is very rich in Iron and is also a good source of dietary fiber, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Peas can also be given after 6 months. Peas are among the most nutritious vegetables that can be introduced as baby’s first solid food. It is very high in dietary fiber, thiamine, vitamin C and high in magnesium, niacin, phosphorous and Vitamins A, B6. Sweet Potatoes are very low in saturated fat, high in dietary fiber, magnesium and potassium, vitamin B6 and very high in Vitamin A and C. They can be given as purees, sweet potato khichdi, pancake and as soups. Ghee can be added in almost all the food that the baby takes after 7 months, with around 1 tsp of ghee per meal. Start with few drops of ghee at first and slowly increase the quantity. Cheese can be given after 8 months. Cheese is rich in phosphorous, calcium and selenium. Another food that indirectly causes weight gain in babies is Oats. Oats is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in manganese, magnesium, thiamine and phosphorus. Oats is the only cereal containing legume like protein. Oats can be given as Oats Porridge, Oats Kheer, Apple Oats Porridge, Oats pancake, Oats fruit Dosa. Ragi or Finger Millet is one of the best weight gaining foods. It is rich in dietary fiber, protein, Vitamin B1, B2, B6. Ragi can be given to your baby in any of these forms: Ragi Porridge,Apple Ragi Porridge,Ragi Cake,Ragi Dosa,Ragi Idli,Ragi Ladoo,Ragi Kheer,Ragi Roti,Ragi Cookies
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Question: My baby is not gaining weight now what to do now she is 7 months old
Answer: ur toddler may be reluctant to try new foods, but bear in mind this is a normal stage. Your toddler's tastes will change over time. It will help your toddler get used to new foods if you offer him a variety from the four main food groups: Fruits and vegetables. Cereal-based food, such as roti, rice dishes, pasta and bread. Dairy produce, such as milk, curd, paneer and cheese. Protein, such as lentils, chickpeas (chhole), kidney beans (rajma), black-eyed peas (lobhia) and mung beans (moong and sabut moong), soya, lean meat, chicken, fish or eggs.make a definite time to feed the baby.. When all the family members are eating that time only feed him ., feed him every 2 to 3 hours . milk or any other light snacks. Keep it away from eating junk food or processed food. Always give her a nutritious diet to eat. You can also make ragi or multigrain flour biscuits at home. Mix healthy things in his favorite things. You can mix mix vegetable rolls in bread, add some ketchup in it. Inspire the child to play out as much as possible,So that she gets tired and feels hungry
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Question: I have been gaining weight while breastfeeding. My lo is 3 months. Please suggest.
Answer: Don't worry you enjoyed your share of motherhood give yourself 3 months Target and work towards a leaner you Remember weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise Start your day with warm water Followed by ginger lemon green tea with honey it would get your bowel movement starting and also help you detox Prepare a detox take a mixture of 1 spoon each of jeera, ajwain, fennel seeds, methi, black pepper Take a small piece of ginger and a piece of cinnamon to it add it to a pot filled with 1L water Boil it for 15 min on medium flame cool and drink it . For lunch have more of protein and less of carbs on your plate and make sure you include curd or buttermilk in your lunch. Have dry fruits or fruits or may be 4 biscuits and green tea in the evening . For dinner follow the same less carb more protein rule in fact if you could have only Vegetables, fruits and lentil soup for dinner Have a glass of turmeric milk with cinnamon powder before sleeping . Exercise when you're baby is sleeping start with 15 min and work your way up to 45 min session There are plenty of you tube turorials available Follow a new workout every week . Take your baby out in the morning to get fresh air it is good for you as well as the baby while he gets his share of oxygen and vitamin D3 you get to exercise as well
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