15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is black stool a concern during pregnancy?

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Answer: Hey that's because of iron tablet or something you eat rich in iron .. used to happen with me too.. so just have lots and lots of fluid and it will get clear dont worry..
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Question: Is black stool normal during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, Black stool in pregnancy is mostly due to iron supplement.very rarely it could.be due to internal bleeding.but that is extreme rare case.while taking iron supplements,body cannot absorb all the iron,so it comes out of body through motion,thereby giving it black colour.they are harmless and nothing to be worried about.unless you have any other issue related to extreme constipation,then not to worry.once you stop iron supplements,stool color would come back to normal....
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Question: Is black stool common during pregnancy of 14th week. Or it is a matter of concern
Answer: It is normal to have black stool during pregnancy Because of iron supplements. So don't worry enjoy Ur pregnancy days.
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Question: Is black stool normal during pregnancy ?
Answer: Hi.. It might be that you consumed something in your meal, which resulted in black stool. However, if it repeats, consult your gynaecologist. He/she will be able to help you better.
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