26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is black potty normal????

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Question: Hi Is black color potty normal in pregnancy?
Answer: Hello... Is it pretty normal to have black stool while consuming iron tablets,it also causes constipation,nausea, stomach upset and vomitting,black colour is due to unabsorbed iron and it is not a harmful effect
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Question: Baby is doing light black potty it is normal
Answer: Sometimes the blood in a baby's poop looks black, which means it's been digested. When this digested blood appears in a baby's diaper usually in little flecks that look like blackpoppy or sesame seeds it's often because the baby is breastfed and swallowing blood from Mom's cracked and bleeding nipples.
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Question: Black with yellowish potty is normal or not???
Answer: If baby is doing black potty then consult your doctor......
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