13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is biriyani safe to have during pregnancy

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Answer: If it is home cooked biriyani it is safe but consume less amount of biriyani if it is chicken it may increase hear of the body which is not good in first trimester and for first 3 Months we have to be very careful for sustaining of pregnancy and drink lots of butter to avoid heat produced by biriyani
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Question: Is it safe to have outside foods like chicken biriyani during 6th to 7th week of pregnancy??
Answer: No dear having a outside Food is not at all safe for you specially non veg because in pregnancy it's very important that your food is cooked well if it will remain raw a little bit also then it can harm your baby so bestest to avoid it
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Question: Mutton biriyani during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, You can definitely have mutton biryani .too much spicy food could give you acidity so,watch your diet.have it occasionally if you wish to.
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Question: Is biriyani safe during pregnancy? :( please say yes. :'(
Answer: Just fr craving eat less dr bt during early trimester avoid spicy items take heera water after consumption for getting rid of gas pblms
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