19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is back pain common in pregnancy Even I am unable to sit for 5 min It is unbearable

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Answer: Hello, back pain is common during pregnancy please do not sit for more than 2 to 3 hours in one please try to get up and walk a bit so that you will get relieve from back pain, you can do pelvic floor exercises , you can practice deep breathing , you can do massage to relieve pain. hope this helps .
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Question: Hello doctor I have pain in my right upper side below the breast.. And sometimes the pain in unbearable like something is pinching me from inside.. Even I can't sit for 2 min. What to do. Is it normal??
Answer: Hi dear. you are experiencing this pain because your baby is crossing your waves area and the baby's body is pressing your lungs and Diaphragm so you please keep your posture right and don't bend your upper body and avoid lying down on bed just after taking males and make sure to walk daily for at least one hour and specially take a 10 minutes walk after every meal, don't eat oily and heavy food. Inhale fresh air during morning. Take care
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Question: Getting heavy backpain, unable to sit down for at least 5 min without any support? Y am I getting
Answer: Back pain is common in pregnancy so don't worry just avoid lifting any heavyweight sitting or standing for too long also giving your back hot water compress will help you in back pain should do it once or twice in a day.
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Question: Im unable to sleep or lie on back for too long, my back bone hurts..is it common in pregnancy?
Answer: Yea, we should be sleeping on our sides. Good for baby and us
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