25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is anybody have hepatitis c antibody test result is reactive? I have done this test and result is reactive 1.54. Is this serious situation and I am 6 week pregnant women. Please reply.

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Question: Hi madam i am 10 weeks pregnant hiv test result non reactive what is this means
Answer: HIV non reactive means that means that no HIV antibodies were found.  so your test is negative
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Question: I got my blood test . Hepatitis c shows reactive. I m 8 week pregnant .what should i do now. Does hepatitis c will effect my baby
Answer: Consult your doctor as soon as possible..He/she is the best one to guide you in this case.
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Question: Hi i got serum bile acid done and result showing 51 so is it normal? I am having hepatitis c
Answer: One week over baby born but bleeding is going heavy am so tried what i did
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