6 months old baby

Question: Is Orange juice is good for 6th month old baby?

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Answer: Mam orange abhi baby ko dena avoid karo kyuki baby bht chota hai after one year cytric fruit dena better hai.kyuki isse baby ko cold ho sakta hai.
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Question: Whether orange juice good for my 9 month old baby??
Answer: hi dear. juices normally should be given only when the baby is ready and drinks from the sipper . avoid any bottles for juices as that can cause tooth decay in babies. Also since orange is acidic , better to be a little careful as some babies find it difficult and develop rashes at times.. you may want to try with a a very small qty - two three tea spoons at a time and see if the baby is able to adjust and then introduce it. Always give juices through sipper or by spoon only. Also it should be purely home made extracted fresh and given immediately with oranges stored outside and never in fridge.
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Question: Orange juice good for 1 year old baby
Answer: Hi dear orange juice is safe for the baby but in my opinion you should offer the orange itself to the baby not the juice because if you introduce Orange directly the baby will have the fibre of the fruit also which is very good for the babies body and Juice will unnecessary fill up the tummy and the babies milk intake and the other food item intake will be less.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Orange juice is good for baby? After taking orange juice is baby sleep more???
Answer: Hi. 4 month baby doesnt need anything beside breast milk. So please avoid orange juice for your 4 month old.
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