5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is 6.5 uiU/ml TSH normal during my ongoing 5th week of pregnancy?

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Question: At 8th week of pregnancy below are my TSH and Fasting Insulin results 1. Fasting Insulin: 12.30 uU/L 2. FBS: 83 mg/dL 3. TSH: 0.761 uIU/mL Is this normal ? Is my TSH low amd insulin high ?
Answer: Hi dear, Fasting insulin should be less than 25mlU/l.so it is fine.your FBS is fine too.tsh is in normal level.not to worry.
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Question: Meri TSH report 2.37 uIU/ml aai h. Is it normal or not?
Answer: The new recommendations for TSH levels during pregnancy are the following: First trimester: less than 2.5with a range of 0.1-2.5
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Question: Hello., my TSH level is <0.01 uIU/ml... What does it mean?
Answer: Hi Dear! TSH level is too low and your pituitary gland is not producing enough of it.. Hope this helps!
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