24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is 3d/4d image sonography mandatory?my doctor advidesed us to do one and then go for the appointment to her...but i never heard anyone taking it in our family nor any distant replative?whatz the cost of it?

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Answer: Its not mandatory .. and u can go for 3d/4d as an option in 26-28 week I have got it done , its an experience that shows movement of your baby and facial features . Doctor will give u a dvd with short vedio clipings and 4d images It cost approx 4000.
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Question: Hey.. i wanted to ask about 4d and 5d scans that the doctors ask to detect some diseases in the babies in the womb. I have just heard about it from a few people and want to know about it. Is it recommended by doctors? My doctor never mentioned this scan. Kindly oour your answers.
Answer: Dear even I did not get it done and no one in my family. Usually it is done if there is a history of down syndrome in the family. The doctor may ask to do in 3d and 5d if the nasal bone is not clearly seen which is considered as an indicator of down syndrome. This was explained to me by my gynae. Hope it helps.
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Question: What medicines should be taken while planning for the baby? I've heard lot of people taking folic acid and multi vitamin. Is it good to take those? If yes then which one?
Answer: Hi, one should take folic acid tablets if planning for the pregnancy. It helps to prevent the neural defects in the baby. For the medicine please consult the doctor.
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Question: Hi.. I am currently 20 week prégnant and during my regular doctor visit recently doctor prescribed 3d' 4d scan. I would like to know why and when is thé scan prescribed ? Is it done for all pregnancies or only in specific cases ? I haven't heard anyone prescribed with this scan. Please guide.
Answer: Hello these scans are very helpful to know more about your baby. 3D scans show still pictures of baby in three dimension. 3d scans show certain birth defect of baby. 4D scan shows clear movements of baby. With 4D scan you can see the clear facial expressions, movements, shape of the nose, mouth, eyes etc.
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