35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is 167 heart beat normal at this week

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Answer: hello dear , yes 167 Heartbeat in foetus is normal in advance pregnancy. even after birth also it remains more than hundred in new borns. so nothing to worry about .
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Question: My baby heart beat is 167 bpm at 10 week is it normal? ??
Answer: Hello dear At 10 week, heartbeat increases to around 170 bpm and then decreases from then to around 130 bpm. So,urs baby heartbeat is normal. Don't worry.
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Question: At 10th week my baby heart beat is 170..is this normal??
Answer: Normal heart beat ranges in between 120 beats per minute to 170 beat per minute so yes don't worry just consult with doctor once as 170 beat per minute heart beat is a bit high for 10 week baby
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Question: Heart beat to baby 167
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,it is normal to have a heartbeat of 167 for a 13th week baby.gender of the baby cannot be determined by heartbeat.it is a myth and no science involved.
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