10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Intake of progesterone tablet Ip 200 mg will make any problem or it will not good for my baby growth .my doc prescribed this..is it normal to take early pregnancy?

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Answer: It is generally prescribed when mother is 30 + so to balance the progesterone level your doc have prescribed you and it is required in early pregnancy and yes it is good for your baby growth don't worry
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    Asha m687 days ago

    Thanks for your reply but am not 30+ am 25 yrs..is it safe to have??

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    Vinita Sanadya687 days ago

    Yes dear it is completely safe..

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Question: Hi, i am 6 week pregnant. My dr prescribed to take progesterone 200 mg for 1 month. Is it safe for my pregnancy??
Answer: Hello dear. Yes it does. The role of Progesterone in overall fertility health, is that it helps prepare the uterus for pregnancy.  Progesterone causes the uterine lining or endometrium to thicken. The overall goal is to have a thick lining which will helps create an ideal supportive environment in your uterus. Take care.
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Question: My doctor gave PROGESTERONE SUSTAINED RELEASED TABLET 200 mg ( Ibigest sr 200) for every night..Did any one take this?? What are their benefits?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes it is mostly given in first trimester.it is absolutely safe and usually given to sustain the pregnancy.mor of the bleeding or miscarriage chances in first trimester is due to low progesterone levels.so you can continue taking it till doctor prescribed.
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Question: I am 13week 2days pregnant ,my doc prescribed me microgest 200 mg bt at dispensary instead of this i have got progesterone 100 mg as substitute.....?? Is progestrone tablet 100 mg is a substitute of microgest 200 mg??
Answer: microgest 200 mg actually contains progesterone. microgest is a company name and progesterone is a hormonal tablet. but do talk to your doctor about it. before taking any medicine.
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