2 months old baby

Question: Increase and decrease the size of lens is it common in babies

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Question: Boobs size increase during pregnancy. But does that decrease ever?
Answer: Hi! Yes it does decrease mostly once the baby weans completely from feeding. The breasts sag due to loose tissues and breastfeeding. You can try a gold brand toning and firming cream/oil massage well to retone and refirm the tissues. You can look for ingredients like Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Vitamin E which tightens the skin around your bust and helps with restructuring it along with exercise, i hv seens mommas getting back to pre pregnancy bras but it takes a lot of effort nd time.. Good luck!
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Question: If size of yolk sac decrease in 6 week there are chances to increase in it within week.
Answer: Dear Hcg injections will be required if placenta is growing normally with fetal pole Please tell.me.is baby's heart beat detected?
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Question: Hi my stomach is still in the same size of the last month is it normal r not otherwise when the size increase
Answer: Until and unless u r baby is fine and healthy don't worry about the size of the baby..
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