24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In which month glucose test conduct

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Question: In which month we can conduct 3d or 4d scanning??
Answer: Hii. It is advisable to undergo two ultrasounds in the 9-month duration of your pregnancy. The first ultrasound is suggested by the doctors in the first trimester. This ultrasound confirms the due delivery date of the pregnant woman. Until this ultrasound session, the baby is not developed to the point of recognition. You just see a lump in your womb. The second ultrasound, usually, happens at the 18th week. This is supposed to be the ideal timing for your second ultrasound session. This time, the doctor checks whether your child has a normal anatomy or not.  In abnormal cases where the doctor suspects something wrong in the baby within you, they call for more ultrasounds depending upon the need. For mothers who are under a medical condition of diabetes or hypertension, there might again be a need for more ultrasounds. However, this completely depends on your doctor.
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Question: glucose test in which month? is it mandatory
Answer: Its done in 28th week Yes its good to get it done.. To let know about chances of getting gestational diabetes.
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Question: In which month glucose test can be done
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