14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In which month during pregnancy i grow milk in breast

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Answer: Hello dear As early as the 16th to 19th week, you may notice a yellowish discharge, called colostrum, from your nipples. This just means that your breasts are getting ready for breastfeeding. Colostrum is the "pre-milk" that helps protect your baby from disease during the first few days of breastfeeding.
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Question: in which month breast produces milk during pregnancy
Answer: from second trimester but its natural process it will secrete only when you deliver. till only the shape and areola changes.
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Question: which food enhance breast milk during pregnancy
Answer: Mix equal quantities of jeera...saunf...mishri n grind together...take 1 spoon three times a day with warm milk.... have garlic it increases bm...sabut masoor Kali n moong dal chhilka increases bm
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Question: In pregnancy in which month milk produced in breast
Answer: Hi Dear it may starts from end of 2nd trimester or may start from the end of third trimester but it is not necessary to start breast milk during pregnancy. my milk had started after four days of delivery and which is very normal so don't take tension and have a proper diet
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